Rosalind Franklin

Science and Culture in America

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Rosalind Franklin by Mind Map: Rosalind Franklin

1. James Watson

2. Francis Crick

3. Maurice Wilkins

3.1. When Wilkins showed Watson one of Franklin's x-ray portraits of DNA the solution became apparent to him, and an article by Watson and Crick appeared there after in "Nature" magazine, without Franklin's knowledge or permission to use her research in a publication.

3.2. Double Helix Model

3.2.1. The three men received a Nobel Prize in 1962 for their Double Helix model based on Rosalind Franklin's work. She was never nominated for an award and had passed away 6 years earlier. Furthermore, in 1968, James Watson went on to publish the Double Helix,Watson's memoir of the discovery in which he dismisses Franklin as frumpy, hostile and unimaginative.

4. Rosalind Franklin was a chemist at John Randall's laboratory in King's College, London. She and Maurice Wilkins each led a separate research group working to discover the structure of DNA.

4.1. Photograph 51

4.1.1. Rosalind's knowledge of x-ray diffraction techniques enabled her to create the above image--An image of a DNA molecule. It was this image revealed the helical structure of DNA.