Homeostasis and Excretion

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Homeostasis and Excretion by Mind Map: Homeostasis and Excretion

1. The maintenance of a constant internal environment

2. Coordination of to control-hypothalamus

3. the removal fron organisms of toxic materials, the waste products of metabolism (chemical reactions in cells including respiration) and substances in excess of requierments.

4. Homeostasis keeps the internal environment constant

5. Negative feed back -The temperature of your blood rises above the norm.

6. Control of blood content

7. The control of body temperature

8. -inverte brates -fish,amphibians,reptails

9. birds+mammals

10. Structure of the skin

11. sweat gland,sebacens gland,hair folicle,sensory nerve,nails

12. malpighian layer,cornified layer

13. adipose tissue receptors

14. heart loss:hair lies flat,blood system loses heart,sweat

15. Mechanism of to control:

16. heat gain:muscles work-contract and relax very quickly,metabolism may increase,hair stand up