Social media in education

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Social media in education by Mind Map: Social media in education

1. Cons

1.1. Lack of knowledge

1.2. Lack of features

1.3. More than a presence

2. Pros

2.1. Making safe communities

2.2. Collaboration is encouraged

2.3. Invitation to produce content

2.4. Idea 4

3. Examples

3.1. Facebook

3.2. Blogging

3.3. Twitter

3.4. Linkedin

3.5. Message boards

4. How it used?

4.1. In classroom

4.1.1. Class announcements and discussions are shared in websites like twitter

4.1.2. Professors share learning material on blogs and networking sites

4.2. Potential students

4.2.1. Universities offer online virtual 360° tours

4.2.2. Educational institutions can reach potential students and share infos through social media

4.3. School pride

4.3.1. Free material online

4.3.2. Schools can create facebook pages to enhance the shared school spirit

4.4. Professional development

4.4.1. Professors can contact other professors of similar domains

4.4.2. Professors can learn more about their venues