Fraction Action

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Fraction Action by Mind Map: Fraction Action

1. Assessment

1.1. Students will perform with 85% accuracy

1.1.1. Students will be able to correctly identify both the numerator and denominator in a fraction. Also the students will be able to correctly illustrate a fraction in written form as well as pictorially

2. Application

2.1. Let students create their own fractions using Legos

2.1.1. Students will apply what they have learned to create their own fractions by writing them down and with blocks

2.2. Candy fractions

2.2.1. Let each student use skittles to asses how many of each color is in each bag. Make a chart with their findings to reinforce past lessons

2.3. Flash fraction

2.3.1. Divide the kids into teams and present them with a written fraction. Ask them as a team to draw a shape that illustrates the fraction. Those who draw it first correctly win a point

3. Introduction

3.1. Explain how fractions are part of a whole

3.1.1. Pizza concept If I have 12 pieces of pizza and I eat it all how many is left? If I want to share my pizza with Sandra and Marla how many pieces will each person get There are special ways to write out problems like these. Fractions

3.1.2. Numerator and denominator intro Numerator on top it's the part Denominator on the bottom it's the whole