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DOA Training by Mind Map: DOA Training
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DOA Training

Visual Studio 2010

Look and feel, views, tabs, dialogs, etc



StartUp Project



TFS (Team Foundation Server)

Create a Team Project

Work Items

Using Version Control

"Sites" vs "Apps", what is the difference? (We tend to make Apps)

Page Structure

Page Elements

Entity Framework

Ajax Control Toolkit

Authentication and Authorization ("Security")

Passing information between pages, i.e. remembering "state" for a session

Logging information (for debugging)

Browser debugging


unlike the videos, when you "debug" in VS, it wires up the browser's script debugging to go into VS. So, you can't do JS debugging in IE.

if you are debugging in VS too, this also explains why the "timeout exception" occurs in VS even tho it's a client side error


Note: here I use "Security" to mean "coding in a secure manner". You will also see the term security used to mean "the code that controls login and which users can do what stuff"

For the other, more narrow and BAA use of the term "Security" (cross link)

Some best practices

Encode expressions

Greg's contact info

Greg at Collective Software .com