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Migrants: A Persecution Index by Mind Map: Migrants: A Persecution
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Migrants: A Persecution Index

CROSS BORDER immigration policies & unwelcome guests


(1) Events, Emigration Country, EN, Pakistan, FR, Pakistan, ISO, PAK, Ethnics, Balochs, Mujahirs, Pashtus, Penjabis, Sindhis, Saraikis, Other, Location, Address, Latitude / Longitude, Map, Event Type, Abduction, Air Raid, Assault, Banishment, Bomb Blast, Exile, Imprisonment, Mutilation, Population Displacement, Public Persecution, Sexual Assault, Shooting, Suicide Bombing, Torture, Other, Perpetrators, Army, Epidemics, Intelligence Agency, Mafia, Natural Disaster, Police, Political Movement, Religious Order, Tribal Movement, Other, Paramilitary, Terrorist Group, State authority, Description, Targeted Categories, Age, Female, Kid, Male, Ethnics, Gender, Male, Female, National Origin, Political, PPP - People's Party, ANP - Awami National Party, MQM - Moqtaheda Quomi Movement, PML - Pakistan Muslim League, PMLN - Pakistan Muslim League Nawals, JSQM - JS Sindh, JS Sindh - Jwe Sindh Quomi Mahaz, AL - Awami League, PTI - Pakistan Taharik Insaf, Jamat e Islami, Jamat e Ulma Islam, Other, Profession, Administration Officer, Civilian, Doctor, Foreign Country Representative, Government Official, Human Rights Activist, Intelligence Officer, Journalist, Military, NGO Member, Police, Political Party Member, Prostitutes, Religious Authority, Other, Religious, Ahmadis, Atheists, Bralavis, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Ismailis, Jews, Shias, Sikhs, Sunnis, Others, Sexual Orientation, Bisexuals, Homosexuals, Transsexuals, Other, Other, Casualties, Targeted Victims, Injured, Women, Men, Kids, Unknowm, Dead, Women, Men, Kids, Unknowm, Abducted, Women, Men, Kids, Unknowm, Collateral Victims, Injured, Women, Men, Kids, Unknowm, Dead, Women, Men, Kids, Unknowm, Abducted, Women, Men, Kids, Unknowm, Reference, Category, Court, Government, Government Agency, International Institution, Lawyer, Media, Military, NGO, Press, Rumor, Victims, Witness, Language, Ref, Date, Source Name, Source Title, Source Type, Administration Decision, Blog Post, Court Ruling, Government Act, Press Article, Press Release, Radio Broadcast, TV Broadcast

(99) Legislation, Domestic Legal Provisions, Asylum, Subsidiary Protection, Regularization after long stay, Visa for Medical Reasons, Student Visa, Researcher Visa, Family Visa, Tourist Visa, Regional / International Law, Court Decisions, Online Legal Guide

(2) Applicants Monitoring, Personal Data, Names, Gender, Country of Origin, Citizenship, DOB / Age, Family Situation, Documents, Languages, Arrival Date, Mobile, Mobile Provider, Contacts, Contacts in COO, Names, Phone Number, eMail, NGOs in COA, Names, Phone Number, eMail, Contacts in COA, Names, Phone Number, eMail, Relationship, History, Medical Issues, Pregnancy, Physical Impairment, Psychological Condition, Agreements, NDA, Power of Attorney, Procedure data, National Registration Number, Lawyer, Names, Languages, Social Assistant, History, Chronology, ID Status on Arrival, Detention, Aggregated Duration, Procedure Types, Dublin II ?, Possible ground for Asylum, Documents, Deportation Attempts, Date, Destination, Transportation, Car / Bus, Boat, Plane, Airlines, Date, Departure, From, Flight, Collective Flight ?, Escort ?, Abuse, Type, Beatings, Harassment, Chores, Prohibited Visits, Prohibited Phone Calls, Repeated Lies, Public Humiliation, Isolation / Seclusion, Sexual, Torture, Medical Examination, Date, Doctor, Independant, State-Commissionned, Conclusions, Probable sequels, Reported ?, Public Alerts to Activists, Communications, Support, Names, Gender, Mobile, Languages, Acting as, NGO Member, Lawyer, Assigned, Paid, Social Assistant, Assigned, Paid, Volunteer, Relative, Personal Acquaintance

(3) Returnees Monitoring, Country of Deportation, Contact, GSM, Email, Status, Free, Detention, Abuses, Pending Deportation, Link to Applicants Monitoring

(99) NGO Support, Names, Provided Services, Accomodation, Anti-Deportation Action, Child Care, Detainees Visitors, Diplomatic Support, Documents Finding, Education Support, Financial Support, Food Support, Investigation & Reports, Legal Support, Language Support, Medical Care, Marriage Support, Psychological Support, Testimony, State-Appointed, Yes, No, Presentation Summary, Contact, URL, Email, Offices Postal Addresses, Fax, Phone, Opening Hours, Contact Person

(4) Statistics, Official Stats, Domestic Figures, International Agencies Figures, MPI Stats, Deportations, Asylum, Granted, Denied, Subsidiary Protection, Granted, Denied, Nationalities, Regularization, Medical Visa, Tourist Visa, Work Permits

(99) Forum

Users, Identities, Permissions & Accesses, Roles, Local Editors, Reviewers, NGOs, Administrators, Researchers

Legal Guides (per country)