Migrants: A Persecution Index

An online collaborative tool to: - compile human rights violations worldwide - analyze these events based on a multi-criteriae grid : typology of events typology of perpetrators typology of victims - compile statistics on victims - document all registered events - manage users roles and permissions - export statistics, summaries and comparatives

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Migrants: A Persecution Index by Mind Map: Migrants: A Persecution Index

1. CROSS BORDER immigration policies & unwelcome guests


1.1.1. (1) Events Emigration Country EN FR ISO Ethnics Location Address Latitude / Longitude Map Event Type Abduction Air Raid Assault Banishment Bomb Blast Exile Imprisonment Mutilation Population Displacement Public Persecution Sexual Assault Shooting Suicide Bombing Torture Other Perpetrators Army Epidemics Intelligence Agency Mafia Natural Disaster Police Political Movement Religious Order Tribal Movement Other Paramilitary Terrorist Group State authority Description Targeted Categories Age Ethnics Gender National Origin Political Profession Religious Sexual Orientation Other Casualties Targeted Victims Collateral Victims Reference Category Language Ref Date Source Name Source Title Source Type

1.1.2. (99) Legislation Domestic Legal Provisions Asylum Subsidiary Protection Regularization after long stay Visa for Medical Reasons Student Visa Researcher Visa Family Visa Tourist Visa Regional / International Law Court Decisions Online Legal Guide

1.1.3. (2) Applicants Monitoring Personal Data Names Gender Country of Origin Citizenship DOB / Age Family Situation Documents Languages Arrival Date Mobile Mobile Provider Contacts History Medical Issues Agreements Procedure data National Registration Number Lawyer Social Assistant History Communications Support Names Gender Mobile Languages Acting as

1.1.4. (3) Returnees Monitoring Country of Deportation Contact GSM Email Status Free Detention Abuses Pending Deportation Link to Applicants Monitoring

1.1.5. (99) NGO Support Names Provided Services Accomodation Anti-Deportation Action Child Care Detainees Visitors Diplomatic Support Documents Finding Education Support Financial Support Food Support Investigation & Reports Legal Support Language Support Medical Care Marriage Support Psychological Support Testimony State-Appointed Yes No Presentation Summary Contact URL Email Offices Postal Addresses Fax Phone Opening Hours Contact Person

1.1.6. (4) Statistics Official Stats Domestic Figures International Agencies Figures MPI Stats Deportations Asylum Subsidiary Protection Nationalities Regularization Medical Visa Tourist Visa Work Permits

1.1.7. (99) Forum

1.1.8. Users Identities Permissions & Accesses Roles Local Editors Reviewers NGOs Administrators Researchers

1.2. Legal Guides (per country)