Helping Your CEO Understand IT Complexity

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Helping Your CEO Understand IT Complexity by Mind Map: Helping Your CEO Understand IT Complexity

1. The "city" of BCBSNE

1.1. Metaphors

1.1.1. Tech Stack - snowplows with Sirius

1.1.2. Building a building in the city

1.1.3. Zoning / Covenants

2. Agenda

2.1. "Think higher, and when youc an't think any higher, think higher." - R. K. Kolli

2.2. Start with credibility

2.3. Find a Metaphor

3. Find a Metaphor

3.1. Starting from the broadest point to the deepest view

4. Tell a Story

4.1. why

4.1.1. they delight / enchant

4.1.2. touch, test, recall

4.1.3. inspire, motivate, challenge

4.1.4. touch our emotions "People will forget what you said, what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou

5. Tie to Business Value

5.1. What does IT care about?

5.1.1. Technical Capabilities

5.1.2. Describe a technical cappability that is needed to enable a business capability

5.2. What does the executive care about

5.2.1. Business Capabilities

5.2.2. Tie to the company strategy

5.2.3. Tie to department goals

6. Find and Build Allies

6.1. "Don't say 'no, because'. Rather say,'yes, if...'

7. Presenters

7.1. Aaron Long

7.1.1. [email protected]


7.2. Adam Brehm

7.2.1. [email protected]