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UX Summit by Mind Map: UX Summit

1. London

1.1. Office

1.1.1. + Excellent space

1.2. Accommodations

1.2.1. ^ A little far from the office, perhaps a single direct tube line to the office even at a greater distance

1.2.2. + Good to see a different neighborhood

1.2.3. + Being near public transit was essential and awesome

1.2.4. Apartment style + Really like the style for these longer stays ^ If more expensive then perhaps another venue (hotel) where we have a group social area we can use + Good for socializing after work ^ Heads up to the apartment style, many people weren't aware of lack of cleaning service etc.

1.2.5. ^ Multiple issues with the rooms and service, perhaps better accommodation of same style?

1.3. City

1.3.1. + Great location for a UX Summit

1.3.2. + Architectural tour was excellent

1.3.3. ^ Use the location for more group exploring activities related to design

1.3.4. ^ If we're in an exciting location we should use that more in our planning instead of being in an office

2. Schedule

2.1. + Better than UX Summit 2012, more free time

2.2. ^ More breakout time, split discussion and break out days to vary activities

2.3. ^ Split up workshops into 2 half days so it's less intense time

2.4. ^ Front load lighter activities to allow people to recover from jetlag and then more intense thinking workshops later in the week

2.5. Monday

2.5.1. + Excellent lineup of talks

2.6. Tuesday

2.6.1. ^ Too busy, long day. Split up workshops with break before evening event

2.6.2. ^ Workshop could have been broken up considering exhaustion level of people

2.6.3. + Larissa's talk was excellent, well prepared, and really worthwhile

2.6.4. + Community gathering was great

2.7. Friday

2.7.1. + Unconference was great format

2.7.2. + Would love to have more time like this, even planned time for schedule cross-team work

2.8. Saturday

2.8.1. + Jaime ran an excellent session with art tour and themed brainstorming

2.8.2. + Group outing to Bletchley Park was fun

3. Food

3.1. Lunch

3.1.1. + Timely service

3.1.2. ^ Quality could have been better, perhaps other vendors?

3.2. Dinner

3.2.1. + Fancy dinner was excellent

3.2.2. ^ Unscheduled dinners were chaotic and could be exclusive. Need clearer guidelines on getting groups together for dinners

4. Group Interaction

4.1. ^ FxOS team seemed disconnected and not fully participating, would be good to figure a way to ensure everyone can

4.2. ^ More time interacting (workshops?) with other groups outside of your own team

4.3. + Great to get to know everyone from other teams

4.4. ^ Focus on connecting people who aren't normally part of the conversation, remotees, people outside our team

4.5. ^ More front end devs should be included!

5. Sharing current work

5.1. ^ More updates on what teams are working on

5.2. ^ More time spent sharing tools and processes of different teams

5.3. + Seeing teams present their work was really interesting and want more of that

6. Planning

6.1. ^ At least 4 weeks heads up for location and dates so people can be better prepared

6.2. ^ Leadership could set better expectations at the beginning for goals of the week

6.3. ^ Closing activity to wrap up and continue to set expectations for take away from trip / further thoughts

7. Travel

7.1. ^ Weekend travel leaves people weary, perhaps weekday travel or recommendations for getting time off?

7.2. ^ Jetlag needs to be factored in better for next time

7.3. + Fun locations add to the excitement