Main Idea is in the Middle

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Main Idea is in the Middle by Mind Map: Main Idea is in the Middle

1. I really like this idea. Do you all like this idea? -Aaron

1.1. I don't like this idea. -Bob

1.2. This idea is terrible. -JimBo

1.3. This idea is just ok. -Sue

2. I believe that copying is bad

2.1. You're right 99% of the time

2.2. When would it not be bad?

3. What about this idea? -Aaron

3.1. What are you talking about? Awful... -Bob

3.2. This idea is also terrible, but I sure do like this mind meister thing. - Sue

4. I'll make a good idea right here. JimBo

4.1. Good job, Jim. I don't know what Aaron was thinking... - Bob

4.2. This one is ok. -Sue

4.3. <shrug> -Aaron

5. We can share ideas and collaborate

5.1. Synchronously

5.2. Asynchronously

5.3. Since it updates immediately/synchronously, it's like a google doc but in a brainstorm format. This might be a great way to discuss COPYRIGHT!

6. Add images too

7. And chat in the chat box