What's blended learning?

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What's blended learning? by Mind Map: What's blended learning?

1. Recording

1.1. There's no automatic solution

1.2. You still have to input everything once

1.3. The best solutions manage to make it once

1.4. Automatic vunerable to force majore

1.5. Table of content is necessary! Videos must be searchable!

1.6. Automatic subtitle tools do not work. Language recognition is not so far.

2. Screen teaching

2.1. Teacher motivates you to listen

2.2. Screen teacher does not engage the student itself. Other tools are necesary for that

2.3. Need the engagement component

2.4. People and guest lecturers are not always willing to use VC.

2.5. When they agree, it requires IT support

3. Blended learning

3.1. LMS

3.2. Video

3.3. E-everything

3.4. Video palīzdz mācīt top 10-30%. Pārējiem ir video lai tiktu līdzi

4. Active learning

4.1. class discussion

4.1.1. Important in Biz Edu

4.2. think-pair-share

4.3. learning cell

4.3.1. is an effective way for a pair of students to study and learn together

4.4. short written exercise

4.5. collaborative learning group

4.6. student debate

4.7. Class games

5. What we did not so good

5.1. Teaching

5.1.1. Lecture tracking works fine if you have one person in front. During group presentations it fails

5.2. Engagement and interactivity

5.2.1. There needs to be another tool like Lecture tools to get the engagement in big lectures

5.2.2. Our specific solution does not really support it

5.2.3. Yeah, we may do a basic agree, dont agree survey using our buttons. (boolean type survey)

5.3. Teachers

5.3.1. Technology is useless without education tutors

5.4. Pogas

5.4.1. Does not feel that natural at first

5.5. Userbase requires bandwith

5.5.1. Youtube and other free services are an option

5.5.2. Costs an arm and a leg in infrastructure

6. Future

6.1. Micro transactions

7. Adaptive learning

8. Justify blended

8.1. in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace

8.2. https://www.msu.edu/user/coddejos/seven.htm

9. Student engagement

10. Mobile learning