Manhattan Murder Mystery

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Manhattan Murder Mystery by Mind Map: Manhattan Murder Mystery

1. Victim

1.1. 45-50 years

1.2. White Male

1.3. Dismembered

1.4. Birth Mark on right shoulder

1.5. 182cm Tall

1.6. Chuck Fredrickson

1.6.1. Chuck has an unusaul birth mark on his right shoulder.

1.7. Wedding Ring

2. Suspects

2.1. Betty Fredrickson

2.1.1. 165 cm Wife of Chuck Fredrickson She showed little emotions when a usuall wife would cry heaps.

2.2. Jimmy Fredrickson

2.2.1. said that he was at university but his friend marked him off when he wasn't in class. University student

2.2.2. 26 Years old 180 cm tall 70 kg

2.3. Bad Boy Fernandez

2.3.1. Unemployed

2.3.2. 160 cm tall 90 kg Known to have participated in the Bronx Bays gang

2.3.3. When he was getting Questioned he was hesitating

2.4. Don Carlini

2.5. Sonny Martonetti

2.5.1. Allergic Wollen fibres Kentucky blue Grass He couldnt of done it cause he was at a resturant at the time of the murder House Dust etc.

3. Murder Site

3.1. South Street sea port

3.2. East river

4. Timeline

4.1. Jan-Feb

4.2. 1:47 pm

5. Fibres

5.1. A)

5.1.1. Type (Wool) Above (Catch on fire) Smell (lambs tails)

5.2. B)

5.2.1. Type (Wool) Above (Catch on fire) Smell (Burnt rubber)

5.3. C)

5.3.1. Type (?) Above (catch on fire) Smell (Burning Food

5.4. D)

5.4.1. Type (Wool Above (catch on fire) Smell (Lamb tails)

6. Soil

6.1. A) 1 Murder scene

6.2. B) NO Jimmy Fredrickson

6.3. C) 2Sonny martonetti

6.4. D) 3 Don carlini

7. Manuel Rodriguez

7.1. Age 42

7.2. Construction worker

7.3. Found in a loader

7.4. single stab wound to the right artrium of the heart

7.5. Possibly murdered at the front of the machine