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Expectations by Mind Map: Expectations

1. Reconnecting

1.1. Energized

1.2. New ideas

1.3. Experience something I did not expect


2.1. Learning from Italy and my network friends

2.2. Experience ITALY 24h/day

2.3. Looking forward to learning about human interaction through learning about Italy

2.4. To get a live experience of the political situation in Italy today

3. To strengthen my europeaness through good relations

3.1. Deeening the European perspective of diversity

3.2. To be more and more international bringing in new people, new inspirations, not to end up like som AI veterans repeating

4. Get tuned for the Prague meeting

5. Sense the network, value what is

5.1. Celebrating progress, achievements and challenges, with a lens toward the future

5.2. Good time, good dialogues, good exchange with different perspectives

5.3. Connection, inspiration, clarity, tools, fun, movement

5.4. Iexpect to meet new people that share with new ideas to put in practice at home, and also bring some value into the discussions.

5.5. Process: working in small groups and pairs

5.6. Establish new and deepen old relationships

5.7. Hear about the challenge in the network and how to develop and to make it grow

5.8. Participating to the AI network to become stronger

5.9. A laboratory, new connections, refreshing my model of the world

6. Research approac and exchange

6.1. Enlarging beyond AI, systems thinking, challenges

6.2. To share my research experience and get feedback on it

6.3. Share and have conversations on how AI - Social constructionism and mindfulness can work together

7. Sharing and learning

7.1. Participate and share my experience with the network

7.1.1. I expect to meet new people that share with me new ideas to put in practice at home.

7.1.2. Sharing views and future of AI

7.1.3. To share some practical experiences in AI processes

7.2. Collect new ideas, inspiration, tips, tricks, excercises

8. Governance

8.1. Developing our network without having it as the main agenda. Connection to old and new friends

8.2. Concrete sustainable decisions to be implemented NOW

8.3. New ways how to face the upcoming years (acknowledging what already has been)

8.4. Create the structure of AI Europe network that allows decision making process to be clear and to happen

8.5. Decision mode for the benefit of the maintainance of the network

8.6. Decision on governance -> Clarity on actions & commitment