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Arts by Mind Map: Arts

1. Kuo Pao Kun-The Man Who Fostered Arts In Singapore

1.1. Kuo Pao Kun who directed both english and Mandarin plays founded three arts and drama centres in Singapore

1.1.1. Practice Performing Arts School in Singapore in 1965 which aims to cultivate dance,drama and music training

1.1.2. The Substation in 1990 September 16 which depends on the support of the public and also the government

1.1.3. The Theatre Practice in 1986 where Kuo Pao Kun mentored a number of local talents

1.1.4. The Teatre Training And Research Programme at PPAS in 2000 which aimed to create a training programme rooted in different classical Asian performance traditions like Chinese,Indian ,Indonesian,Japanese,western theatre,training in areas encompassing acting, performance, theatre theory and the practice of working across linguistic and cultural boundaries

1.1.5. The Intercultural Theatre Institute at emily Hill in 2013 which was a theatre school for contempary artists, conceived as a unique and unprecedented enterprise in theatre training, social and cultural interaction, and human understanding

2. Performing Arts in Singapore

2.1. Singapore provides a variety of performing art ranging from Malay dance to Chinese orchestra to Bharatanatyam, an Indian dance.

2.1.1. One of Singapore famous Malay dance or opera is called Bangsawan. It is now considered rarity in Asian region and the performances often depicts of classic tale of love and teacher.Bangsawan performances in Singapore are performed in televised variety show and during traditional Malay weddings.

2.1.2. Being the only professional Chinese orchestra in Singapore, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra(SCO) is accorded iconic with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong being one of their audience.The SCO have been invited to perform at various major occasion such as World Economic Forum, drawing amount of audience from all over the countries.

2.1.3. Lastly,the famous Indian dance is Bharatanatyam, also known as Dance of Fire as it is mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in human body.It is a combination of music,expression and rhythm and is known for grace with which it is administered of the statuesque poses that punctuate almost every movement. Singapore India Fine Arts Society train dancers and hold performances in temples in Little India.

3. Drawing Arts

3.1. In Singapore, many events are also held to exhibit art paintings:

3.1.1. Andy Warhol exhibition

3.1.2. Seeing the kite series 1&2

3.2. in singapore

3.3. One of the most popular arts in singapore is the potrait drawing.

3.3.1. Some examples of famous art paintings are: The Starry Night by Van Gogh The Screamer by Van Gogh Mona Lisa by Da Vinci Believed to be painted between 1503 AND 1506

3.4. In Singapore there are many platforms in which art paintings are showcased

3.4.1. Ancient Civilisation Mueseum

3.4.2. Red Dot meuseum

4. Art Museums/Schools in Singapore

4.1. There are many examples of performing arts and various arts in Singapore

4.2. There are many museums and schools in Singapore which fosters Arts in Singapore

4.3. Singapore Arts Museum-Founded on 20th January 1996.

4.3.1. Collections from popular local artists such as Georgette Chen, Liu Kang, Chen Chong Swee can be found in the Singapore Arts Museum.

4.3.2. Contains the world’s largest public collection of modern and Southeast Asian artworks

4.4. Asian Civilisation Museum-Founded in 22 April 1997.

4.4.1. Chinese collection consists Dehua porcelain figures, Taoist and Buddhistic statuary, export porcelain, calligraphy and other examples of decorative art.

4.4.2. Another notable artefact is the Chola bronze sculpture of Uma, the consort of Shiva and that of Somaskanda

4.5. School Of The Arts - Founded in 2008

4.5.1. Students will get to showcase their talents in music,dance, theatre and visual arts.

4.5.2. Caters to youths have talent,capability and skills in the arts

4.5.3. 6-year education system

4.6. LASALLE College of The Arts - Founded in 1984

4.6.1. LASALLE has design, fine arts, integrated arts, media arts and performing arts faculties.

4.6.2. It includes Arts Management, Art History and Art Therapy programmes.

5. In Singapore,Arts is a highly respected sector .

5.1. Schools and courses are set up for those who want to excel in it.

5.1.1. NAFA(nanyang acadamy of fine arts)

5.1.2. SOTA(school of the arts)

5.2. students are nurtured to become better painters