New Ideas for Old Video games

My first real Idea map, always looking for more ideas

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New Ideas for Old Video games by Mind Map: New Ideas for Old Video games

1. Mario

1.1. Cyber tech Mario?

1.1.1. Would he be good? Or evil?

1.1.2. What kind of adventures would Cyber Tech Mario go on?

1.1.3. Would the princess go Cyber-tech too?

1.2. Another Bowser Jr. Scheme?

1.2.1. What would be his plot this time?

1.2.2. What would Mario do to stop him?

1.2.3. Would coins be used for lives? Or maybe for items this time?

1.3. The return of the Koopa kids?

1.3.1. What would they do?

1.3.2. Would it take place in the Mushroom Kingdom or somewhere else?

1.3.3. Will they turn on Bowser for being abandoned in the other games?

2. Sonic

2.1. A remake of the begining, with a more in-depth storyline of why he had to go through all of those places?

2.1.1. Would you have to go through a special stage just like old times?

2.1.2. Would they throw in a twist in the story?

2.1.3. How graphical will all the old places be?

2.2. A game that just has the classic Sonic Characters?

2.2.1. What would the main boss be?

2.2.2. Will it have separate storylines like Sonic Adventures DX?

2.2.3. What kind of game would it be like?

2.3. A game that will allow a storyline that has a love conflict in it?

2.3.1. Considering the age of Sonic, will he be able to start finding a GF?

2.3.2. What would the storyline be for it?

2.3.3. Will Sonic go balistic when he loses his true love? (If he ever finds it)

3. Megaman

3.1. The Return of Wily in the X seires?

3.1.1. What kind of robots would Wily create?

3.1.2. Would Sigma be involved?

3.1.3. Would we also see redone old bosses, made to work in the series?

3.2. Elemental Robots, with a robot that can use all the elements?

3.2.1. What kind of story would fit this situation?

3.2.2. Would the final robot BE the robot with all the elements? Or just a boss below?

3.2.3. Would shooting an elemental boss hurt with just a regular Buster shot?

3.3. A new type of boss health bar, with special effects?

3.3.1. What kind of effects would it have?

3.3.2. What would it look like?

3.3.3. Can it counteract with anything else?

4. Kirby

4.1. The Return of Nightmare?

4.1.1. What kind of story line would it be?

4.1.2. King Dedede making a deal with nightmare?

4.1.3. Keep with old style powers or keep with new powers?

4.2. More graphical powers?

4.2.1. What would they look like?

4.2.2. Would the make a new one in the process?

4.2.3. Would it be cool looking or totally lame?

4.3. Brawl Charters in a storyline for kirby?

4.3.1. What would the storyline be like?

4.3.2. Would the villains join forces?

4.3.3. Would there be every kind of food like in Brawl?

5. Donkey Kong

5.1. Futuristic?

5.1.1. Would the trees be replaced by metal ones?

5.1.2. What would you collect in this game?

5.1.3. What kind of story would fit this?

5.2. Save Candy Kong?

5.2.1. Who would capture her?

5.2.2. What would the levels look like?

5.2.3. What would the bosses be?

5.3. A more graphical/advanced jungle?

5.3.1. Would it be so graphical that it would look like accual leaves in real life?

5.3.2. Would it be a 2d or 3d platform?

5.3.3. Would the 1-ups be balloons? Or something else?

6. Pokemon

6.1. More intense storyline?

6.1.1. The return of all the teams to make one huge team?

6.1.2. 4 on 4 battles?

6.1.3. More berries to up your pokemon even more?

6.2. Pokemon that will counter uber ones?

6.2.1. What would they look like?

6.2.2. What kind of moves would they have to counter them?

6.2.3. Would they have evololutions too?

6.3. More Eeveelutions?

6.3.1. Rockeon?

6.3.2. Flyeon?

6.3.3. Drageon?

6.3.4. spaceon

7. Star Fox

7.1. Viral infections that try to kill anyone on contact?

7.1.1. What would make this "Virus" so bad?

7.1.2. What would the virus do first? What would the symptoms be?

7.1.3. Is there a way to cure it?

7.2. Andross Nephew takes over Venom?

7.2.1. What would be Oinkany's plot be?

7.2.2. What would you do to stop Oinkany's plans?

7.2.3. What kind of twist would be put in if oinkany's plan did fall through?

7.3. Another Team other than Starfox and Star Wolf?

7.3.1. What would this team be like?

7.3.2. What would the name of thier team be?

7.3.3. Which side would they side with?

8. Zelda

8.1. The Legend of Zelda (1 &2) remade with today's graphics?

8.1.1. Would they throw in more depth story too?

8.1.2. What would the bosses look like?

8.1.3. Would there be movies in the game too?

8.2. Another Zelda RPG style game?

8.2.1. What kind of things would level up when you level?

8.2.2. What monsters would be in it?

8.2.3. What kind of items would you use?

8.3. A different final boss other than Gannonorf? (besides from Zelda II)

8.3.1. How would you be able to beat it?

8.3.2. What would make him just as good to be called a final boss?

8.3.3. What kind of final boss would it be?