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New Ideas for Old Video games by Mind Map: New Ideas for Old Video games
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New Ideas for Old Video games


Cyber tech Mario?

Another Bowser Jr. Scheme?

The return of the Koopa kids?


A remake of the begining, with a more in-depth storyline of why he had to go through all of those places?

A game that just has the classic Sonic Characters?

A game that will allow a storyline that has a love conflict in it?


The Return of Wily in the X seires?

Elemental Robots, with a robot that can use all the elements?

A new type of boss health bar, with special effects?


The Return of Nightmare?

More graphical powers?

Brawl Charters in a storyline for kirby?

Donkey Kong


Save Candy Kong?

A more graphical/advanced jungle?


More intense storyline?

Pokemon that will counter uber ones?

More Eeveelutions?

Star Fox

Viral infections that try to kill anyone on contact?

Andross Nephew takes over Venom?

Another Team other than Starfox and Star Wolf?


The Legend of Zelda (1 &2) remade with today's graphics?

Another Zelda RPG style game?

A different final boss other than Gannonorf? (besides from Zelda II)