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Organelles by Mind Map: Organelles

1. Nucleus

1.1. Acts like a storage within the cell.

2. Endoplasmic Reticulum

2.1. makes polypeptides which then fold into the proper shapes to make proteins.

3. Golgi Apparatus

3.1. It is one of the main sites of carbohydrate synthesis, but the most important roles is the gormation of lysomes.

4. Ribosomes

4.1. Found within a cell that function to synthesize proteins.

5. Lysosomes

5.1. They break down lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, and nucleic acids. They're the digestive system of the cell.

6. Vacuoles

6.1. They fuse to form a single organelle as the cell grows.

7. Chloroplast

7.1. They work by capturing energy from the sun to make food for a plant.

8. Mitochondria

8.1. converts oxygen, and the sugar, fat and protein from foods to useable energy.

9. Cell Mmebrane

9.1. it forms a barrier around a cell, this is so it keeps the insides in.

10. Cell Wall

10.1. It prevents substances going out and coming into a cell unless the cell "wants" those things to come in or go out.

11. Cytoskeleton