Manhattan Murder Mystery

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Manhattan Murder Mystery by Mind Map: Manhattan Murder Mystery

1. Clues

1.1. Maddison Avenue lunch booking maitre de-ivan 1.15 pm

1.2. Sonny Martonetti has an allergic reaction to woolen fibres, kentuck blue grass and house dust.

2. Suspects

2.1. Betty Fredrickson

2.2. Jimmy Fredrickson

2.3. Sony Martonetti

2.3.1. New node

2.4. Bad Boy Fernandez

2.5. Don Carlini

3. Murder Location

3.1. South Street Seaport Historical District

4. Timeline

4.1. The Mudur happend 1.47 pm January

5. Murdur Weapons

5.1. silver letter opener.

6. Victim

6.1. Chuck Fredrickson