Manhattan Murder Mystery

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Manhattan Murder Mystery by Mind Map: Manhattan Murder Mystery

1. Victim

1.1. ChuckFredrickson

1.2. whitemale

1.3. age 48

1.4. birth mark upper right shoulder

1.5. divorccing wife

1.6. peice of fabric taken from suspect don Carlini’s overcoat was positive for blood.

2. Suspects

2.1. don carlini

2.1.1. rival bussiness man dropped off over coat at dry cleaners still in forensic labs no substances found as of now

2.2. Jimmy fredrickson

2.2.1. room mate coverd for him where he was time of crime still unknown. jimmy could not of been at the scene of the crime because he got a book from the libary and the liberyian has confermed that he was there

2.3. Betty fredrickson

2.3.1. She was definitly not at the scene of the crime she had positive identification and can prove she was at maceys dept store.

2.4. sonny martinetti

2.4.1. sonny could of done it because he wants to be noticed but is not. Sonny could definitly could not have done it because wool was found under the victims finger nail and sonny is alergic to wool. sonny was definitly not at the scene of the crime because it has been verified that hewas at the resturount.

2.5. Bad Boy Fernandes

2.5.1. At first we thought it was bad boy because he had chucks credit cards but we later discoverd that he just mugged him and went to a drinkking game and then got wasted.

3. Murder Location

3.1. sth st sea port historical distict

4. Timeline

4.1. earliest possible time of death 1.47 pm

4.2. 32 mins to get to murder site

4.2.1. New node

4.3. last seen at 1.15pm

5. Murder weapon

5.1. Silver letter openner

5.2. found in chest

5.3. peicedd aorta

5.4. decapitated head

6. Manuel Rodriguez,victim no:2

6.1. Manuel rodriguez was found in the cab of a front end loader and has did from a single stab wound to the right atrium it appears he was killed at the front of the machine.

6.2. aged 42

6.3. he was killed the same day as chuck fredrickson and was in the same sth st sea port area when killed and found.

7. soils

7.1. a:was from murder scene. C:AND D: are the same