Client Sources

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Client Sources by Mind Map: Client Sources

1. Internet Sites

1.1. Kijiji

1.2. Craigslist

1.3. LinkedIn

1.3.1. Join all relevant Canadian immigration groups

1.4. Create my own website with contact information


1.6. Twitter

2. Newspapers

2.1. Local Newspaper

2.1.1. Metro

2.1.2. 24

2.2. Regional Newspaper

2.3. Romanian Newspapers

2.3.1. "Faptu' Divers"

2.3.2. "Observatorul"

3. Social Institutions

3.1. My local church

3.2. Local community centre

3.3. Community Neighbourhood Settlement groups

3.3.1. Northwood Neighbourhood Services

3.3.2. City of Toronto

3.3.3. YMCA/YWCA

3.3.4. United Way

3.3.5. Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services

3.3.6. CultureLink Settlement Services

3.4. Legal Aid Clinics

3.4.1. Flemingdon Community Legal Services

3.4.2. Downsview Community Legal Services

3.4.3. East Toronto Community Legal Services

3.4.4. Jane Finch Community Legal Services

3.4.5. Injured Workers' Consultants (IWC)

4. Direct Marketing

4.1. English Language Schools on Yonge Street (targeting foreign students)

4.2. Promenade Mall (huge number of Philipino nannies under the "Caregiver" LCP program

4.3. University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University (all huge schools with great numbers of foreign students)

4.4. Seneca, Humber, Centennial and George Brown Colleges (again huge schools with big numbers of foreign students)

4.5. Get in contact with HR departments of multi national companies that bring foreign workers into Canada

5. Referrals

5.1. Networking from other RCICs

5.2. Cases sent to me by ex-colleagues that still work for the Canada Border Services Agency