To Kill a Mocking Bird

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To Kill a Mocking Bird by Mind Map: To Kill a Mocking Bird

1. Great Depression

1.1. From 1929- 1945

1.2. Proceeded after WW2,

1.3. Affected almost every contry in the world

1.4. Some very rich, some very poor

1.5. People lost jobs, marriages broke down, banks failed, people became homeless, businesses went bust, birth rates fell, people got depressed and many people went hungry.

1.6. 1930's, Alabama was hit by the great depression

1.7. Very small southern town, everyone knew everyone's business.

1.8. The Cunninghams are country folks, farmers, and the crash hit them hardest"

1.8.1. Contry farmers had it worst

1.9. Effected everyone

1.9.1. Lawyers and farmers Mr. Cunningham paid back in food or other ways.

1.10. The neighbours all knew each other top to toe and lended a hand where needed.

2. Alabama Setting; Culture, History and Poeple

2.1. Plantation place, south. Many slaves worked on the cotton plantations during the civil war.

2.1.1. Cotton producting town (maycomb)

2.1.2. Slaves were black. Whites began to think they had higher athority

2.2. Blacks did not share same rights as whites, (TR example)

2.3. Warm, and fertile place for land based crops

2.4. Highly christain state

2.5. Women in Alabama were expected to follow certain customs that involved being well mannered, good at embroidery and lady like.

2.6. Poor people, and black people were treated poorly.

3. Civil Rights

3.1. Civial rights: Movement for social equality

3.1.1. 1950s

3.2. The African-American Civil Rights Movement were a series of social movements that aimed to outlaw racial discrimination against black Americans and to give them equal rights.

3.3. To kill a mocking bird was written and finished just before the peak of rivial rights movement

3.4. Tom Robinson’s trial was aimed to illustrate the injustice of the court system during this time.

3.5. Poeple of that time were simple and kept to themselves

3.5.1. Whites and blacks agnolaged each other but rarely interacted

3.5.2. Wemon had stay at home jobs, men went out and brought home the finace

3.5.3. In maycomb, many farmers

4. Life of Harper Lee

4.1. April 26th 1926 Born

4.2. Youngest, Alice Louise Edward. (Siblings)

4.3. Lasting childhood friend ship from school -Truman

4.4. Transferred to University of Alabama

4.5. Dropped from law school and began writing again

4.6. 1956- the browns supported her writing, found an agent, and she began writing TKAMB.

4.6.1. Finished the book in 1959

4.7. Parts of the book related to her childgood eg:

4.7.1. Dill was based on a childhood friend

4.7.2. Atticus was based on her father. (In real life, he was also a lawyer. )

4.7.3. Boo radely was based on a neighbour

4.7.4. Scout was based on herself

4.8. n late 2007, George W. Bush presented Harper Lee with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.