The Context of To Kill a Mockingbird

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The Context of To Kill a Mockingbird by Mind Map: The Context of To Kill a Mockingbird

1. The Civil Rights Movement

1.1. Worldwide political movements

1.2. Aimed to create equality for all

1.3. Aimed at Racial Minorities, women, LGBT community

1.4. African American movement; pushed by Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and entire black community

1.5. Series of peaceful protests occurred, bill was passed in 1966

1.6. Racial Discrimination was a major part of the 1950's

1.7. Written in a time of strong racial segregation, but change was occurring, set in a time when there was nothing seen as wrong with racism

2. The Life of Harper Lee

2.1. Born 1926, Munroeville, Alabama

2.2. Father was a lawyer

2.3. Truman Capote - lifelong friend met in pre-school, featured in TKAMB as DIll

2.4. First novel - Go set a Watchman, then went on to TKAMB

2.5. TKAMB is her only literary success; only book to be published

2.6. Scout based on herself, Atticus on her father, Dill on Truman Capote and Boo on a neighbour

3. The Setting of To Kill a Mockingbird; Alabama

3.1. Mobile was first settled town in Alabama (Where Simon Finch built Finch's Landing)

3.2. Old Southern plantation state. Many slaves worked cotton farms

3.3. After Civil Action many negroes stayed to work for money on cotton plantations

3.4. High racism; whites believed they were better due to them not working on cotton plantations

3.5. Very agricultural

3.6. Very religious

3.7. Citizens expected to follow certain customs (women uphold ladylike actions and looks)

4. The Great Depression

4.1. Severe worldwide depression, before WWII

4.2. 1929-1945

4.3. Not enough people to buy goods and keep a healthy economy

4.4. Loss of jobs, bank failure, homelessness, depression

4.5. Hit agricultural sector hardest; meaning rural southern towns in US that were reliant on agriculture struggled more than the rest

4.6. Not only affected farmers; as they couldn't afford anything the crash affected professionals as well, including lawyers (Atticus)

5. Scottsboro Case

5.1. Group of negroes accused of raping two white girls and pushing a group of white boys off a train

5.2. Conducted in 1930's; during Great Depression

5.3. Sentenced to 75 yrs in jail even though girls admitted to making up rape story

5.4. very racist, all white juries; if accused almost definitely found guilty by trial

5.5. Tom Robinson case; has many similarities between Scottsboro case; based on it by Harper Lee