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Wild Earth by Mind Map: Wild Earth

1. Wii Wild Earth

1.1. Children use the game to immerse themselves in African habitats & wildlife

1.2. As close to first hand Safari as possible

1.3. Note taking

2. Artists

2.1. Franck Lundangi



3. Writers


4. Music & Dance

4.1. Circle of Life - Lion King

4.2. African Drums

4.3. African Dance

5. PC Myst

5.1. Opportunities for development of setting, descriptive language

6. Literacy

6.1. Explanation texts: Investigate different text types, comparing to explanation style texts. Explore and analyse written,

6.2. Explore and analyse written, on-screen and visual explanations.

6.3. Create written explanations to explain the course of a river.

6.4. Create on-screen visual explanation of the river Lostock at Cuerden Valley.

7. Science

7.1. Explore the habitats of different animals, with particular focus on animals in africa.

7.2. Explore the food chain of animals in the local environment, comparing to food chains in africa.