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Digital Media by Mind Map: Digital Media

1. Create a trailer for a movie

1.1. Use windows movie maker to create the trailer composition from scenes from the film. Include slogans, persuasive sentences, ordered for effect, emotive choice of music.

1.2. Promote the trailer with a full size poster

1.3. Persuasive press release

1.4. Create 'directors commentary' version of their trailer of them explaining their reasons for the choices they made

1.5. Create 'voice over' version with persuasive language throughout

2. Examples of persuasion

2.1. adverts

2.1.1. First choice advert

3. Trip to National Media Museum, Bradford

3.1. Look at history of animation

3.2. Look at history of photography

3.3. Create TV adverts to sell the museum workshop

4. Band Ideas

4.1. Advertisements for band album

4.2. Band album cover art - graphics package, grunge style etc

4.3. Create own song lyrics, use dance ejay to turn into particular emotion driven songs.

4.4. Guitar Hero

4.4.1. Find averages of scores

4.5. Look at instruments in different religions

4.6. Record and edit a concert

4.7. Day in the life of a rock star blog

4.8. Design a rock video

4.9. observational drawings of instruments

4.10. music history

4.11. instruments history

4.12. dances to go with music

4.13. Change song lyrics into a story

4.14. research a band

4.15. advertisements for concert

4.16. Band merchandise / Tshirts etc

4.17. Find out how instruments physically work

4.18. modern versions of traditional instruments

4.19. Work out budget for a rock concert

5. Band lyrics

5.1. Examine the lyrics of a band that provide emotional, image created songs, alliteration, similes, metaphors

5.2. Write song lyrics using metaphors, similes etc