Trees Grade 1

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Trees Grade 1 by Mind Map: Trees Grade 1

1. Movement/physical education

1.1. Scavenger Hunt: Outside collecting leaves

2. Social Studies

2.1. Discuss planting trees in the community

2.1.1. Have children write a letter to a community leader discussing planting more trees in the area

2.2. Discuss how to Recycle (paper products)

2.2.1. Have children write in their journals ways that they can recycle

2.3. Discuss what types of trees live in certain parts of the country

2.3.1. Create a United States map with types of trees listed in each state. Children can work in groups to research what trees belong to each state

3. Science

3.1. Discuss structure and growth of a tree

3.1.1. Activity: Planting a tree at home/or family/friends home

3.2. Discuss different types of trees

3.2.1. Activity: Collect leaves and figure out what type of tree the leaves came from

3.3. Discuss Seasons and Climates

3.3.1. Have students document their ideas in their science journals

4. Literacy

4.1. Read "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein

4.1.1. Have students respond to the story in their journals and create their own story about a tree

5. Math

5.1. Counting and sorting leaves from scavenger hunt

5.1.1. Have students document their findings in their math journals

6. Creative Arts

6.1. Activity: Place leaf underneath paper & shade top of paper with a crayon (sideways) to see leaf appear

6.2. Activity: Use leaves (not dried-out) & lay them in paint. Pick-up the desired leaf and press leaf on paper. Can use same leaf or different leaves to create a tree