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WoRdSpOt by Mind Map: WoRdSpOt


1.1. On earth

1.1.1. An expresion use to add emphasis What on earth are you talking about?

1.2. Cost the earth

1.2.1. Something significantly expensive That mansion cost the earth

2. world

2.1. worldwide

2.1.1. around the world This singer is well known worldwide

2.2. All the time in the world

2.2.1. A plenty of time I have got all the time in the world to correct my mistakes

2.3. On top of the world

2.3.1. A great feeling She felt on the top of the world when she recieved the recognition to her amazing labour

2.4. Think the world

2.4.1. Think the best of someone I cannot disappoint her. She thinks the world of me

2.5. Out of this world

2.5.1. Something that is very good and not very common This shoes are out of this world

3. Floor

3.1. Dance floor

3.1.1. A specific place in a discoteque where the people dance Let's get crazy on the dance floor

3.2. Floorboards

3.2.1. the planks of wood in a wooden floor that baseball court is made with floorboards

4. Ground

4.1. Gronded

4.1.1. To feel bad I felt grounded when I failed my exam

4.2. off the ground

4.2.1. Something that is currently progresing My bussiness proyect is off the ground

4.3. On the ground

4.3.1. To be self centered I'm very realistic and I always try to keep my feet on the ground