Who may be framing Desdemona as being unfaithful and why?

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Who may be framing Desdemona as being unfaithful and why? by Mind Map: Who may be framing Desdemona as being unfaithful and why?

1. Iago

1.1. Pay too much attention to Othello

1.2. Crazy?

1.3. Maybe he wants to be in power on the low. He didn't say anything about being in power.

1.4. Maybe he's cheating and is blaming someone else.

1.5. least expected.

2. Cassio and Desdemona

2.1. Handkerchief

2.2. Wants position back

2.3. to make Othello do something crazy and lose his position

2.4. Get closer to Desdemona to convince Othello.

2.5. Maybe they're both young and in love and Othello is too old for her.

3. Emilia

3.1. motives

3.1.1. money

3.1.2. may like Desdemona

3.2. hired when married

3.3. May be unloyal

3.4. could be the man's fault if women cheat.

4. Lodovico

4.1. Politician

5. Othello

5.1. Black-Moor

5.2. General

5.3. Old

5.4. Married to Desdemona for a month

5.5. they've been fighting for about a week

5.6. Othello struck her

5.7. becoming aware of the situation

5.8. He thinks he has the proof and wants revenge.

5.9. He's on't

5.10. Why he strikes her is he has proof.

6. Desdemona

6.1. Wealthy Daughter

6.2. Young

6.3. White

6.4. Is she cheating with Cassio?

6.5. Is she cheating with Lodovico?

6.6. trying to make things right

6.7. Will not retrieve handkercheif-may not have it.

6.8. disobedient

6.9. keeps bring up Cassio

6.10. She will not show the handkerchief.

6.11. According to Cassio, she wants to marry him.

7. Cassio

7.1. lost position as 2nd in charge

7.2. Cassio has been secretly meeting with Desdemona

7.3. He got in a drunk-fight

7.4. Cassio used handkerchief.

7.5. Cassio is not interested in Desdemona

7.6. Sleeps with hookers.

8. Montano

8.1. seems like a good guy because because he tries to stop a fight.

9. Roderigo

9.1. Started the fight by instigating

9.2. May be trying to frame Cassio

10. Iago

10.1. Good friends with Cassio

10.2. tries to stop the fight

11. Bianca

11.1. She seems jealous

11.2. She suspects that the handkerchief with Strawberries is another womans.

11.3. She says, "a likely piece of work that you would find this in your chamber and not know who left it there."

11.4. Maybe Bianca is a hooker.

12. Main suspect