Computer In Everyday Life chapter 02

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Computer In Everyday Life chapter 02 by Mind Map: Computer In Everyday Life  chapter 02

1. Discuss the evolution of the internet

2. identify and briefly describe various broadband internet connection and state differences between broadband inter connection and dial-up connections

3. Describe the types of internet access providers

4. describe the purpose of an ip adress and its relationship to a domain name

5. Explain the purpose of a web browser and identify the components of a web address

6. Describe how to use a search engine to search for information on the web and differentiate between a search engine and a subject directory

7. Describe the types of web sites

8. Explain how web pages use graphics , animation , audio , video , virtual relity , and plud-ins

9. identify and briefly describe the steps required for web publishing

10. Describe the types of ecommerce

11. Explain how e-mailing lists , instant messaging chat rooms , VoIP , newsgroups and FTP work

12. identify the rules of netiquette