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Sources by Mind Map: Sources

1. Del Guercio

1.1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

1.2. Third link from the top

2. Grant, P. B.

2.1. Mr. Hyde

2.2. Look for "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

3. Oates, Joyce Carol

3.1. The coexistence of good and evil

4. This is the name of the author

4.1. Search this term to find them

5. Snodgrass

5.1. disguise motif in gothic literature

6. Snodgrass

6.1. aberrant behavior in gothic literature

7. Snodgrass

7.1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

7.2. Second link from the top

7.3. I added this one in later

8. I added some sources, just use three (two form me, three from your for five sources total) and delete the ones that you don't use.