There Goes my Baby

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There Goes my Baby by Mind Map: There Goes my Baby

1. Research

1.1. Biology of Belief (Bruce Lipton)

1.2. Cell Migration from Baby to Mother

1.3. Brown: Shame

2. Tools

2.1. Meditation

2.2. Homeplay

2.3. Group Call

2.4. Dance

2.5. Journaling

2.6. Muisc

2.7. Poetry

2.8. Film

2.8.1. When Mourning Breaks

3. Structure

3.1. Online

3.2. 4-6 weeks

3.3. one group call/week

3.4. Audios and homeplay pdf's for each module

4. Modules

4.1. Your Story

4.1.1. Why Am I Here? Setting Your Intention

4.1.2. Saying hello to what ever is present Guided Meditation

4.2. Being OK with Uncertainty, Shame and Doubt

4.2.1. Am I doing the right thing?

4.2.2. What Will Happen if I Let go? Fear of Freedom

4.2.3. What if I Can't? Using Resistance as Your Friend

4.3. Forgiveness

4.3.1. 5 Steps to Forgiveness Awareness Cultivating Awareness Release Withhold List Learn Making New Choices Allow Do I Deserve It? Be How to Be It?

4.3.2. Fear vs. Love

4.3.3. Guided Meditation

4.4. Your Vision

4.4.1. Vision Board

4.5. Limitless Belief

4.6. connecting with the baby

4.7. Healing (individual/collective)

4.8. Optional: Live Trance/Blind fold Dance Event: I Dance for the Child Who Was Never Born

4.8.1. Learning from the experience

4.8.2. Understanding the experience

4.8.3. Celebrating the experience

5. Purpose

5.1. To create a safe womb-like space for a woman to meet her unborn child's spirit to gain understanding, wisdom and forgiveness

5.2. To empower her and create peace and a new possibility

5.3. Freedom

5.4. To help her move from a place of a victim to a conscious co-creator

5.5. To express her grief and gratitude

5.6. To clarify her vision and purpose as a Woman

5.7. Celebrating being a Woman

6. Village (who is this for?)

6.1. A woman who has lost her child either through a miscarriage, abortion or still birth and has pain in her heart because of guilt, regret, grief, confusion and/or lack of hope.

7. Loss as a Portal to Peace and Empowerment