Museum Education Mind Map

education at the NYS Museum

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Museum Education Mind Map by Mind Map: Museum Education Mind Map

1. The learning environment and how to use it

1.1. Museum Galleries

1.2. Art Projects

1.3. planetarium

1.4. Theaters

1.5. Interactive

1.6. Classrooms

1.7. related to exhibits

2. Who are the Educators?

2.1. education by artist-creating the learning environment

2.2. Educators

2.3. visitors service personnel

2.4. Scientists

3. Types of visitors

3.1. walk in visitors

3.2. visitors to a specific exhibit

3.3. organized adult groups

3.4. school groups

3.5. camp groups

4. Types of programs

4.1. School Programs

4.2. public programs

4.2.1. family programs

4.2.2. mainly large events

4.3. scientist led lectures and programs

4.4. teacher workshops