Community as Classroom

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Community as Classroom by Mind Map: Community as Classroom

1. Pedagogy

1.1. Place-Based Learning

1.1.1. John Dewey's approach was that "ordinary contacts with day-to-day community life, whether social, economic, cultural or political," provided a valuable learning opportunity for students (pg. 2). Rather than just learning math skills and reading skills, students would get to use those skills in real life situations.

1.1.2. Students co-create the curriculum. The teacher serves as a guide to the direction of the investigation. The student's role is to come up with questions according to their own interests. This will allow students to make the projects their own and engaging their interests.

2. Inquiry

3. Content/Concepts

3.1. The content is presented in real life situations. Rather than being confined to the classroom, students are taken out into the real world to observe, interview, and research what they are learning about. They are able to actively take part in what they are learning. I think this is beneficial for students because it will engage their interests and help them see how what they are learning is applicable to real life situations.

4. Social Justice

4.1. Students are able to see stories told from different perspectives. They could research topics and go out into the community to speak with City Hall, ecologists, local residents, etc. This will allow students to see issues from different perspectives instead of just one. Based off of their research from interviews, photographs, and other observations they may make, students will be able to form their own opinions on the subject.