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Chapter 6 Output by Mind Map: Chapter 6 Output
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Chapter 6 Output

Display devices

LCD monitors and LCD screens

LCD technology

LCD quality

Graphics chip , Port , LCD monitors


Producing Printed Output

Nonimpact Printers

Ink-Jet Printers

Photo Printers

Laser Printers

Multifunction Perifirals

Thermal Printers

Mobile Printers

Label and Postage Printers

Plotlers and Large-Format Printers

Impact Printers


Other output devices

Data Projecttors

Ineractive Whiteboards

Force-Feedback Game Controllers and Tactile Output

Putting it all together

Output devices for physically challenged users

Chapter Summary

High-Tech talk

3D Graphics:Creating a Realistic Experience

Companies on the cutting edge


Samsung Electronics

Technology trailbrazers

Steve Jobs

Anne Mulcahy