Dill (Charles Baker Harris)

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Dill (Charles Baker Harris) by Mind Map: Dill (Charles Baker Harris)


1.1. Loyalty

1.1.1. "Then he rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood" -Scout Page153 Dill believed Scout and Jem should support him and values his loyalty with them. This was when Jem decided to go against what Dill wanted and tell Atticus he had come to Maycomb

1.2. Justice/Respect

1.2.1. "It ain't right, somehow it ain't right to do 'em that way" -Dill Pg 216 Dill values respect and doesn't believe Tom Robinson was being treated fairly in the court. He saw the prejudice in the court and decided that it isnt right which shows his belief in justice

1.3. Being considerate

1.3.1. "How do you know a match don't hurt him" - Dill Pg 15 Dill cares about hurting others and more capable of looking at a different perspective than Jem or Scout


2.1. Confident

2.1.1. "I'm little but I'm old" -Dill Pg 7 Even when people put him down, he still makes himself sound good and doesn't back down

2.2. Proud

2.2.1. "I'm Charles Baker Harris, I can read." Pg 7 He is very proud of his reading ability

2.3. Independent

2.3.1. "....caught 9 o'clock from Meridian, got off at Maycomb junction ...walked ten or eleven of the thirteen miles to Maycomb"Pg 152 Dill does what he wants and is persistent in making a change in his life

2.4. Dramatic

2.4.1. "It's all over town in the morning, ...about how we held off hundred folks with our bare hands" Pg 172 He likes to exaggerate about the events that took place


3.1. prejudice

3.1.1. "I know all that, Scout. It was the way he said it ,made me sick, plain sick." Pg 216 Dill was affected by the prejudice seen in the trial which motivated him to feel sick about the way Tom Robinson and his community were treated

3.2. Fear

3.2.1. "....Dilll's face went white" - Scout Pg. 153 Dill was afriad that if Atticus were to find out he was in Maycomb, he would send him back to his family who had been abusing him

3.3. Wanting to impress Scout


4.1. Dill was important to Scout

4.1.1. "With him, life was routine. Without him, life was unbearable" - Scout Pg 126 Scout was miserable about Dill not coming to Maycomb that summe. This is because Dill is important to Scout especially in her childhood and in hwer rough time of her father bdefend Tom Robinson

4.2. Not important to his parents

4.2.1. "he - they just wasn't interested in me" -Dill Pg 155 His parents didn't care much for him and what he did. Although they did alot for him and did what Dill asked, Dill didn't feel as though they acted like they liked him and didnt like his company


5.1. Blue eyes, white hair

5.1.1. "his hair was snow white....his blue eyes would lighten and darken" -Scout

5.2. small build

5.2.1. "You look right puny for going on 7" -Jem


6.1. Introduced Boo Radley

6.1.1. "Dill gave us the idea of making Boo Radley come out" -Scout Pg 8 It was the core of their childhood, motivated their curiousity of Boo Radley, leading into their games and plans to make Boo Radley come out

6.2. Symbolises Childhood

6.2.1. "I had never thought about it, but Dill was summer by the fish pool smoking string" - Pg 126 Dill symbolises Scout and Jem's childhood and how it ended with the starting of the trial

6.3. Links to Dolphus Raymond

6.3.1. "I know what you mean boy ....we thought it come from the tree trunch, but it belonged to Mr Dolphus Raymond" - Scout Pg 217 Dolphus Raymond shows them a different perspective on how a drunk man would be more accepted than a black man in society. He shows Dill and Scout the ugly view of society and helps Dill understand why he feels that way