Tom Robinson

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Tom Robinson by Mind Map: Tom Robinson


1.1. Crippled left arm

1.1.1. "ran his fingures under his arm and lifted it" pg 207 Tom Robinson has a dud left arm and cannot use it

1.2. Black man

1.2.1. "negro" pg 176 He is discriminated against due to his skin colour

2. Beliefes & Values

2.1. He didn't rape a white woman

2.1.1. She'd call me in, suh. Seemed like every time I passed by yonder she'd have some little somethin' for me to do--choppin' kindlin', totin' water for her. She watered them red flowers every day. Chap 9 This quote backs up my evidence because it shows that he has been to the house many times and had many times to rape her, so why would she do it at the time he did.

2.2. He believes in good Morals

2.2.1. She'd call me in, suh. Seemed like every time I passed by yonder she'd have some little somethin' for me to do--choppin' kindlin', totin' water for her. She watered them red flowers every day. chap 9 Again with this quote, it shows that he could've done it before but didn't. He wouldn't dare to cause harm to anyone.

2.3. He values the law.

2.3.1. "Thomas Robinson reached around, ran his fingers under his left arm and lifted it." Chapter 19 Everything he says is under oath, he flaws the Ewells and shows that they are the liars.

2.4. He doesn't lie

2.4.1. Chapter 19 The chapter is his part of what happened and he shows how he hadn't done it. He didn't lie about it either yet he was proven guilty because of his skin color.


3.1. Positively

3.1.1. On 272, Link Deas Defends Tom Robinson's wife even after the court case and its outcome from Bob Ewell. Atticus, throught the court case also treats him with respect, again, not raising his voice, and letting Tom Robinson take his time through the case. The event on page 272 happens after Bob Ewell has been following Tom Robinson's wife to work. She becomes scares over his actions. This also happens after the court case. After Tom Robinson being convicted of rape and sentanced to Death. Even after this, Link Deas looks upon Tom positively and defends his wife from possible harm.

3.2. Negatively

3.2.1. Repeatedly called "Nigger". Miss Dallas chapter 26 "Bout time someone taught them blacks a lesson" Bob Ewell and many others in the book simply just call Tom Robinson "Nigger" and nothing else throughout the book. Miss Dallas, Scouts 3rd grade teacher made her statement as leaving the court house and shows that again, Some people do not respect Tom Robinson.


4.1. Polite

4.1.1. "Yes suh" chapter 19 He refers to Atticus as sir but due to his accent it sounds like 'suh'.

4.2. Common

4.2.1. on page 212, He says Mr. Finch, if you was a nigger like me, you'd be scared, too" This shows that he is common, A lower class citizen, like most of the residents in Maycomb. He refers to himself as a "Nigger" and said "Was" instead of "were"

4.3. Strength

4.3.1. In chapter 19, While Atticus is exploring the possibility of Tom inflicting the wound on Mayella, Tom Robinson Admits he has the strength to throw a woman to the ground with one arm. Tom Robinson lost the ability to use his left arm, so for his day to day activities he can only use his right arm, resulting in it becoming very strong.


5.1. Worry

5.1.1. "I say where the chillun?" He asks where her siblings are worried for someone he does not need to worry about

5.2. Guilt

5.2.1. "His velvet black skin began to sparkle" Even though he didn't do anything he got nervous


6.1. Accent

6.1.1. "Yes sun" He has a different accent to the rest of the town as he is a negro

6.2. Accused of raping a woman

6.2.1. Chapters 18 - 22 He is used as a scape goat for Bob Ewell beating his daughter

6.3. Killed

6.3.1. Chapter 23 When Tom is killed it brings out the more aggressive side of Atticus