"One Flesh"

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"One Flesh" by Mind Map: "One Flesh"

1. Body Paragraph 2: Relationships can start out to be very passionate but this can be changed over time.

1.1. Evidence:"now","former","old'/"and time itself's a feather touching them gently'

1.2. Identify Device: Diction/ metaphor

1.3. Effect: diction acts as time indicator that there is a comparison of past and present/ metaphor serves to show how the effects of time are as unnoticeable as the touch of a feather

1.3.1. Significance: the passion of relationships can be eroded with the subtle passing of time

2. Body Paragraph 3: The subtle passing of time emphasizes that the intimacy and passion of a relationship is inevitably going to end.

2.1. Evidence: "apart",'separate","cold"/ "strangely apart, yet strangely close together"

2.2. Identify Device: Diction/ repetition

2.3. Effect: diction serves to show the current lack of closeness and warmth which comes from the intimacy of the relationship/ repetition of "strangely" creates the effect of the relationship being very unnatural and awkward, suggesting lack of intimacy in the relationship

2.3.1. Significance: shows the picture of the relationship losing its passion and life.

2.4. Evidence: 'chastity faces them, a destination for which their whole lives were a preparation'

2.5. Identify Device: Diction "destination" and "preparation"

2.6. Effect: diction highlights the certainty that the relationship will end

2.6.1. Significance: shows the persona's idea that relationships are going to end with the loss of intimacy - that relationships will become stale

3. Body Paragraph 1: The persona presents relationships as having the ability to be very passionate.

3.1. Evidence: "passion" and "fire"

3.2. Identify Device: Diction/ symbolism

3.3. Effect: diction shows the intensity of the love in the relationship/ symbolism shows the warmth and the life in the relationship

3.3.1. Significance: relationship had meaning and life, had intensity

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