Transmission of heat

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Transmission of heat by Mind Map: Transmission of heat

1. General law.

1.1. heat transfers from a region of higher temperature to a region of lower temperature.

1.2. eg. touching a piece of ice.

2. 3 types of transmission

2.1. Conduction

2.1.1. good vs poor conductors of heat eg. metal vs plastic Why metal spoon feels colder than plastic spoon? Gold Brass Iron Lead Water Plastic Wood Styrofoam Air

2.1.2. Definition: process of heat transfer through the vibration of molecules in the medium.

2.1.3. occurs in solids (usually).

2.2. Convection

2.2.1. occurs in fluids. ie. liquid and gas.

2.2.2. Definition: process of heat transfer through the movement of molecules in the medium.

2.2.3. Convection occurs due to change in density at different parts of the fluid. Why aircon is placed at the top of the room? Why heating coil is placed at the bottom of a kettle? Explain land and sea breeze.

2.3. Radiation

2.3.1. does not require a medium

2.3.2. Definition: process of heat transfer, in the form of waves, without a medium.

2.3.3. 3 factors affecting the rate of radiation Colour and type of surface white vs black smooth vs rough Surface area Temperature

2.3.4. Radiate vs Absorber depends on where the higher temperature is.

2.4. Vacuum flask.