Brave New World Part One

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Brave New World Part One by Mind Map: Brave New World Part One

1. Big Idea: History

1.1. Henry Ford

1.1.1. "History is bunk." (34)

1.1.2. AF "After Ford"

1.1.3. "Our Ford" "Our Freud" (puns on Ford)

1.2. History is not taught or understood by the lower castes.

1.2.1. Alpha Pluses and World Controllers Mustapha Mond "That's why you're taught no history." (35) He waved his hand, and it was as though, with an invisible feather whisk, he brushed away a little dust. (34) Mond's actions are a metaphor for his view of history.

2. Big Idea: Stability

3. Big Idea: Happiness

4. Big Idea: Sex

5. Steve Jobs

5.1. Regarded as a cult figure

5.2. Many people think he changed the world

5.3. Seemed to have a business mind that could see the future

5.4. His image has a kind of iconic status

5.5. Stories about him seem legendary

5.6. His social influence seems more powerful than intellectuals, religious figures, or political leaders

6. Bill Gates