Referral and Assessment for assistive technology

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Referral and Assessment for assistive technology by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment for assistive technology

1. Step 1: Referral for assistive technology assessment

1.1. Student data or personal information

1.2. Medical data for vital concerns

1.3. Vision and hearing concerns

1.4. Information about any technology or equipment currently in use

1.5. Background information regarding any related services provided previously for the student

2. Step 2: Conducting an assistive technology assessment

2.1. Direct observation

2.1.1. Cognitive skills

2.1.2. Current use of any AT devices

2.1.3. Sensory skills

2.1.4. Motor skills

2.1.5. Communication skills

2.1.6. Social skills

2.2. Interviews

2.2.1. Family concerns and expectations

2.2.2. Perceived needs and abilities of the student

2.2.3. Academic expectations

2.2.4. Diagnostic information

2.2.5. Medical information

2.3. Formal assessment

2.4. Putting it all together

3. Step 4: Implementation of the assistive technology device

4. Step 3: The individualized education program team

4.1. Device trials