Chemical Spill Management

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Chemical Spill Management by Mind Map: Chemical Spill Management

1. Spill Prevention

1.1. Appropriate chemical containers and labels

1.2. Appropriate chemical storage

1.2.1. Locked cupboards

1.2.2. Drip trays or spill retention inbuilt

1.2.3. Stored in correct dangerous good class

1.3. Appropriate equipment and procedures

1.3.1. Automated dispense units

1.3.2. Appropriate equipment for using chemicals

1.3.3. Safety equipment available

1.3.4. Safety procedures in place and known

1.4. Appropriate training in use and handling of chemicals for teachers and students

2. Spill Management

2.1. Up to date and full chemical spill response kit

2.2. Spill procedures in place with location and correct clean up material known and available

2.3. Personal Safety Equipment is used and available

2.4. Safety switch locations known

2.5. MSDS sheets up to date and known

3. Spill Kit

3.1. Absorbents

3.1.1. Universal spill absorbent

3.1.2. Absorbent pads and rolls

3.1.3. Acid spill neutraliser

3.1.4. Alkali (Base) Neutraliser

3.1.5. Solvent/organic Liquid Absorbent

3.2. Personal Safety Equipment

3.2.1. Gloves

3.2.2. Goggles

3.2.3. Lab coat/Corrosive apron

3.2.4. Enclosed/covered footware

3.2.5. Dusk mask/respirator

3.3. Clean up material

3.3.1. Broom, chemical resistant bins, shovel, dustpan and brush

3.3.2. Paper towel

3.3.3. Plastic tongs/scoops

3.3.4. Heavy duty plastic bags