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Game Theory by Mind Map: Game Theory
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Game Theory

Simple Concepts To Know

What the fuck is meant by equilibria

Don't think about this equilibrium as something "optimal" per se. Think of it as an occurance of strategies in a game where none of the players have a desire to change their strategy given other players strategies. Note well this can be a stupidly large solution concept and needs some refinements.

What do we mean by beliefs

Mutual Knowledge

Common Knowledge

Common knowledge is when every one in the games know a peice of knowledge and they know that others know...and they know that the other know etc etc. It sounds crazy but thats what it is.

Elements of a game



Game Structure

Solution Concepts (Just A LIST ATM)

Rational Strategies

Iteratively not dominated Strategies

Correlated Strategies

Rationalizable Equilibiria

General Method of Game Setup and Solution

1)Collate Information

2) Identify WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. What will the solution look like?

3) Work through the problem WARNING ALGEBRA!

4) Solution

Strategic Form Games

The matrix style ones. All players move at the same time.

Extensive Form Games

Players move after each other.

Good Books on Game Theory


Fudenberg & Tirole


Nash Refinements

Extensive Form Games

Strategic Form Games