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The Components of the System Unit. by Mind Map: The Components  of the System
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The Components of the System Unit.

The System Unit.

The Motherboard.


The Control Unit.

The Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).

Machine Cycle.


The System Clock.

Comparison of Personal Computer Processors.

Buying a Personal Computer.

Processor Cooling.

Parallel Processing.

Data Representation.


Bytes and Addressable Memory.

Memory Sizes.

Types of Memory.


Dynamic RAM (DRAM pronourced DEE-ram).

Static RAM (SRAM pronourced ESS-ram)

magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM pronourced EM-ram).


Ram Configurations.

Memory Access Times.


Flash Memory.


Memory cache., L1 cache., L2 cache., L3 cache.

Expansion Slots and Adapter Cards.

Removable Flash Memory.

A memory card.

A USB flash drive.

PC Card slot or an ExpressCard slot.

Ports and Connectors.

USB Ports.

FireWire Ports.

Other Ports.

Bluetooth Port Bluetooth.

SCSI Port.

eSATA Port.

IrDA Port.

Serial Ports.

MIDI port.

Port Replicators and Docking Stations.


Expansion Bus.

The PCI bus.

The PCI Express (PCIe).

The Accelerated Graphics (AGP).

The USB.

The expansion bus for a PC Card is the PC Card bus.


Power Supply.

Putting It All Together.

Keeping Your Computer or Mobile Device Clean.

Chapter Summary.