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Storage by Mind Map: Storage

1. Storage

1.1. Storage holds data instructions, and information for future use

2. Cloud Storage

2.1. Cloud storage is an Internet service that provides  storage to computer users

3. Optical Discs

3.1. Care of Optical Discs

3.2. Types of Optical Discs

3.3. CDs

3.4. Archive Discs and Picture CDs

3.5. DVDs and Blu-ray Discs

4. Flash Memory Storage

4.1. Memory Cards

4.2. USB Flash Drives

4.3. Solid State Drives

4.4. ExpressCard Modules

5. Other Types of Storage

5.1. Tape

5.2. Magnetic stripe Card and Smart Card

5.3. Microfilm and Microfiche

5.4. Enterprise Storage

6. Hard Disks

6.1. Chaeacteristics of a Hard Disk

6.2. RAID

6.3. NAS

6.4. External and Removable Hard Disk

6.5. Miniature Hard Disk

6.6. Hard Disk controllers

6.7. Maintaining Data Stored on a Hard Disk