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SXSWedu & DML by Mind Map: SXSWedu & DML

1. The Maker Movement

1.1. Fab Labs

1.1.1. Neil Gershenfeld TED talk

1.1.2. CCBC (video 3:46)

1.1.3. Public Libraries, 3D Printing, FabLabs and Hackerspaces (video 10:35)

1.1.4. The Power of Making in the Classroom

1.2. Chris Anderson

1.2.1. Makers

1.3. Leah Buechley

1.3.1. How to "sketch" with electronics TED talk

1.4. MIT media lab

1.4.1. High-Low Tech - WORKSHOPS

1.5. John Seely Brown

1.6. Marymount

1.6.1. Reflect-Tech Blog Post

1.7. Catarina Mota

1.7.1. Ted Talk

1.8. Kylie Peppler

1.9. openMaterials

1.10. Lily pad arduino

2. Social Networks & Interactive Portfolios

2.1. Faculty

2.2. Students

2.2.1. Behance curation about Prosite portfolio builder

2.2.2. dribble

2.2.3. Squarespace

2.3. Helen Barrett TEDxASB(video)

2.3.1. Technology

2.3.2. Reflection

2.3.3. Boundaries Blurring between Social Networks Store Docs Share experiences Showcase accomplishments Communicate and collaborate Facilitate employment searches e-portfolio used for is the central and common point for the student experience Lifelong interactive portfolios emerging mashup in the Cloud supports informal learning Professional development Clay Shirky, advice for success in interactive projects create and environment that makes people feel good about participating give users automony keep the system as open as possible Dan Pink Only engagement can produce mastery


2.3.5. Effective Practice with e-Portfolios (pdf)

2.4. historypunk

2.5. A Domain of One's Own

2.5.1. Jim Groom

2.5.2. The Project

2.5.3. Chronicle of Higher Education Podcast

3. Digital Literacy

3.1. University of Albany

3.1.1. UNL 205X: Information Literacy

3.2. 7 Pillars of Information Literacy

3.3. Digital Humanities(book)

3.4. Connected Learning

3.4.1. Mimi Ito an agenda for Research & Design(pdf) Hangout Informal Learning Geeking Out Hanging Out Messing Around Learning with New Media (video) 9:24 CLRN Interview (video 3:33)

3.5. Learning to Learn

3.5.1. Kevin Kelly(video 4:34)