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Online Games by Mind Map: Online Games

1. Rock-It-Racer

2. Logical Games

2.1. Boardgamegeek

2.2. Mouse Trap

2.3. Kids love to practice logic skills with online games. Please add another logic game.

3. Massive Multiplayer

3.1. Galaxy Life

3.2. RunScape

3.3. Why Massive Multiplayer games are so successful and popular? What is the minimum players that can play the game?

4. Maze Games

4.1. A Maze Race 2

4.2. Ladybugs

4.3. Is the game was complicated? Please find a different maze game.

5. Memory Game

5.1. Turtle View Game

5.2. Fruity-Fruit-Match

5.3. Improves your thinking skills. How many things you were able to remember?

6. Art and Music Games

6.1. Dora's Great Big World Game

6.2. Did you have fun? How long it takes to play the games?