My Best Friend

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My Best Friend by Mind Map: My Best Friend

1. We are eating french fries and nuggests while doing our"Anti-Drug"project . I had fought with Amanda Sim for how we group

2. Setting(where and when):

2.1. at Hougang Ave 8

2.1.1. playground about three o'clock

3. Characters:

3.1. Amanda Sim , Yuxuan and me

4. Problem/plot (what happened in the story):

5. Events (what happened in the story):

5.1. We ask Yuxuan to help and solve the problem but it just make it worst.

6. Ending/Solution:

6.1. I apologised to Amanda.We continued to with our project and became best friends again.

7. starting:

7.1. I have two best friends.They are Yuxuan and Amanda Sim.They love reading , drawing ,french fries and nuggets. They also want to be a teacher when they grow up.They look cute and love gardening and pets.