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Sampling by Mind Map: Sampling

1. Errors in Sampling

1.1. Coverage error

1.1.1. Results from every individual in the population not having a chance of being included in the sample.

1.2. Sampling error

1.2.1. The results of collecting data from only a subset from the sampling frame.

2. What is sampling?

2.1. Sampling is concerned with the selection of a subset of individuals from within a population to estimate characteristics of the whole population.

2.1.1. Task

2.1.2. Prerequisites

3. Essentials Definitions

3.1. Survey population

3.1.1. All individual to which we want to generalize the results.

3.2. Sample Frame

3.2.1. The list from which the sample will be drawn.

3.3. Sample

3.3.1. All individual of the population who are selected.

3.4. Completed sample

3.4.1. Consists of all individual who completed the questionnaire.

4. How to Reduce Coverage Error

4.1. Does the contain everyone in the survey population?

4.2. Does the list include names of people who are not in the survey population?

4.3. Are the sample units included on the list more than once?

4.4. How is the list maintained and updated?

5. How Large Should a sample Be?

5.1. How much sampling error can be tolerated within a given confidence level?

5.2. What is the amount of confidence needed?

5.3. How varied the population?

5.4. What is the size of the population