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Database Management by Mind Map: Database Management
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Database Management

Databases, Data, and Information

Quality of Valuable Information

Data Integrity

The Hierarchy of Data





Maintaining Data

Validating Data

Deleting Records

Modifying Records

Adding Records

File Processing Versus Databases

The Database Approach

File Processing Systems

Database Management Systems

Data Dictionary

File Retrieval and Maintenance

Backup and Recovery

Data Security

Relational, Object-Oriented, and Multidimensional Databases

Relational Database

Object-Oriented Databases (OODB)

Multidimensional Databases

Web Databases

Shop for products or services

Register for college classes

Search for a job

Buy or sell stocks

Check semester grades

Make airline reservations

Database Administration

Database Design Guidelines

Role of the Database Anaylsts and Administrators

Role of the Employee as a User