Jeremy (Jem) Finch

Use this mindmap to articulate the important qualities about the character you are studying.

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Jeremy (Jem) Finch by Mind Map: Jeremy (Jem) Finch


1.1. Everyone is equal

1.1.1. "I swear Scout; sometimes you act so much like a girl its mortifying. Jem is a very equalising person, so when he tries to keep Scout as a tomboy, it is confusing and strange for him to experience her girlier side.

1.2. Justice

1.2.1. I peeked at Jem: his hands were white from gripping the balcony rail, and his shoulders jerked as if each "guilty" was a separate stab between them. Jem has always believed in justice, and the injustice shown towards Tom Robinson hurts him as though it was happening to Jem himself.

1.3. Friends

1.3.1. [Jem] "You got it backwards, Dill,' said Jem. 'Clowns are sad, it’s folks that laugh at them.'" [Dill] "Well I’m gonna be a new kind of clown. I’m gonna stand in the middle of the ring and laugh at the folks." Jem has always cared for his family, but he also has a lot of respect for his friends. He and Dill are very close, and they are very good friends.

1.4. Family

1.4.1. "Don't you cry, now, Scout... don't cry now, don't you worry-" he muttered at me all the way to school. Jem loves his family like he never loved anyone else. He always takes care of Scout and values her and Atticus very much.


2.1. Child

2.1.1. Quote Explain

2.2. Mature

2.2.1. Quote Explain

2.3. Kind

2.3.1. Quote Explain


3.1. Anger

3.1.1. Quote Explain

3.2. guilt

3.2.1. Quote Explain

3.3. protective

3.3.1. Quote Explain


4.1. brave

4.1.1. "A lady? After all those things she said about you, a lady?" talking about Mrs. Dubose, he has respect for his elders, but he will stand up for his father no matter what.

4.2. cheeky

4.2.1. He displays his cheekiness in the willingness to participate in tormenting Boo will Dill. Jem's cheekiness would be one of the less noticeable traits to be associated with Jem. But he displays it in many scenes, such as the one depicted.

4.3. childish

4.3.1. He can be very immature, and though he calls himself more mature than Scout, he displays quite a bit of reluctance to play by the rules. Jem has always been a good boy, but he was never really all that mature. This is suggested through his reactions towards Mrs. Dubose, and childishness is often displayed in the way that he speaks rudely to Scout.


5.1. Cleanliness

5.1.1. Jem is a very clean, polished young boy, although he is not afraid to rough it a bit and have fun with Dill and Scout

5.2. Masculinity

5.2.1. Jem displays masculinity in the way that he slowly matures throughout the book. He shows himself as a kind young man and he is slowly changing through puberty and taking leads from his friends. Explain

5.3. Display

5.3.1. Jem displays himself like no other character from the book. His mind is full of working, and his head is full of secrets. He is often like an open book, but displays an excellent skill at keeping secrets. Explain


6.1. Growing up

6.1.1. Quote Explain

6.2. Concerned

6.2.1. Quote Explain

6.3. Racism

6.3.1. Quote or Evidence (Including Page #) Jem's attitude

6.4. Justice

6.4.1. "If there's one kind of folks, why can't they get along with each other? If they're all alike, why do they go out of their way to despise one another? Here jem is trying to explain the injustice of the town here.