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Output by Mind Map: Output
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What is output

Output is data that has been processed into a useful form.


Nonimpact Printer

A nonimpact printer forms characters and graphics on paper without actually striking the paper

Ink-Jet Printer

An ink-jet printer forms characters and graphics by spraying tiny drops of liquid ink onto paper

Photo Printer

A photo printer is a color printer that produces photo

Laser Printers

A laser printer is a high-speed,high quality nonimpact printer

Thermal Printers

A thermal printer generates images by pushing electrically heated pins against heat-sensitive paper

Mobile Printers

A mobile printer is small, lightweight, battery-powered printer that allows a mobile user to print from a notebook computer,Tablet PC,PDA,or smart phone

Label and Postage Printers

A label and postage printer is small printer that prints on an adhesive

Plotters and Large-Format Printers

Impact Printers

An Impact printer forms characters and graphics on a paper by striking a mechanism against an inked ribbon that physically contacts the paper

Dot-Matrix Printers

Dot-Matrix Printer is an impact printer

Line Printers

Speakers , Headphones , and Earphones

An audio output device is a component of a computer

Other Output Device

Fax Machines and Fax Modem

Multifunction Peripherals

Data Projectors

Force-Feedback Joysticks, Wheels, and Gamepads

Flat-Panel Displays

LCD Monitors and Screen

LCD monitor is a desktop monitor that uses a liquid crystal display

Plasma Monitors

Plasma monitors offer larger screen sizes and richer colors than LCD monitors


Home users sometimes use their television as a display device

CRT Monitors

A CRT monitor is a desktop moniter that contains a cathode-ray tube

Quality of CRT Monitors

Most CRT monitors support a variety of screen resolutions

Small dot pitch or pixel pitch is easier to read

Electron beams inside a CRT monitors