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Chapter 7 storage by Mind Map: Chapter 7 storage
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Chapter 7 storage

Hard Disk

-Characteristics of a Hard Disk

-Hard Disk Controllers



-Miniature Hard Disks

-Maintaining Data Stored on a Hard Disk

Cloud Storage

Flash Memory Storage

-Solid state Drives

-Memory Cards

-USB Flash Drives

-Expresscard Modules

Optical Discs

-Care of Optical Discs

-Types of Optical Discs


-CD-Rs and CD-RWs

-Archive Discs and Picture CDs

-DVD and Blu-ray Discs

-Record abie and Rewritable DVDs

Putting It All Together

Other Types of Storage


-Magnetic Stipe Card and Smart Card

-Microfilm and Microfichp

-Enterprise Storage

Chapter Summary