Internship at VoxLab Oman

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Internship at VoxLab Oman by Mind Map: Internship at VoxLab Oman

1. Who should participate?

1.1. Academic background

1.1.1. Basic understanding of social networking, social media and social intelligence

1.1.2. At least 1 completed year of University

1.1.3. Fluent in spoken English

1.1.4. Solid English spelling

1.2. Character

1.2.1. Curious

1.2.2. Able to work independently

1.2.3. Willing to learn more even if it challenges the existing knowledge about Social Media

1.2.4. Able to interpret data and numbers in relation with society behavior

1.3. Logistic

1.3.1. Able to travel independently

1.3.2. Able to spend at least 2 full days in VoxLab office in MQ

1.3.3. Working hours from 9AM to 4PM

1.3.4. Able to access the internet during the off-site days

1.3.5. Has an active Facebook account

1.3.6. Minimum 2 full months

2. What should expect?

2.1. Theory

2.1.1. Access to training material

2.1.2. Access to industry data and statistics

2.2. Research

2.2.1. Experiment on conceptual targets

2.2.2. Experiment on behavioral targets

2.3. Hands-on

2.3.1. Access real case scenario

2.3.2. Work actively and measurably

3. When would it take place?

3.1. Most of the interns are asked to start on June 9, 2013 and following the new Weekend schedule in Oman. Candidates able to start earlier are invited to do so.

4. Why VoxLab Oman?

4.1. International presence

4.1.1. Counts clients and partners in over 40 countries in the world.

4.1.2. Headquarter in Singapore. Branch in Indonesia. Regional office in Oman.

4.2. Theory / Practice approach

4.2.1. Strong training support

4.2.2. Real case scenario implementation

4.3. Innovative

4.3.1. As every other SME, decisions can be taken within hours, speeding up every decisional process.

4.3.2. Able to embrace the new trends.

5. Profiting from your internship.

5.1. Monetary

5.1.1. All courses taken are free of charge

5.1.2. Free 1-to-1 mentorship

5.1.3. Potential for future job opportunities with VoxLab or other partners. Statistically 1 in 3 interns receives a job offer in VoxLab.

5.2. Experience

5.2.1. Your CV will be richer, listing hands-on expertise, supporting your academic credentials.

5.2.2. Opportunity to test your readiness to the industry.